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Makeshift Harry Potter Walking Tour/sightseeing London (Day4)

EnglandAmy ObrienComment

We woke up early with a mission, Harry potter walking tour before noon! We are switching hotels today and need to be out of our hotel by noon.. Making today one of many crazy London days.

First stop on the tour Kings Cross Station's Platform 9 3/4. Ella couldn't wait! As you walk into the station they have a little set up complete with cart, wands, and scarves of your favorite houses, all for free if you bring your own camera. They do take some pics for you that you can purchase from the store just a few steps away. Ella choose Ravenclaw! Miles was a little freaked by people staring at him so he passed on getting his picture taken. We took a few of him just a few steps a way. The actual station is pretty cool mixing modern lines with the old brick.

Next stop the Kings cross tube and on to Leadenhall market. Leadenhall market was said to be one of the inspirations behind Diagon Alley. The kids were less than impressed with the hall. They were hoping to find real live witches and wizards!

Next off to London Bridge and Tower Bridge where Harry and the gang flew over on broomsticks as they escape from the death eaters. The Final stop, with just minutes to spare, the Australian building said to represent Gringotts Bank. Wow! I can't believe we did that all before lunch. We are really getting good at navigating this big city. Now on to our next hotel.

We arrived at the hotel to find out they weren't quite ready for us so we dropped off our luggage and headed to Buckingham Palace. The palace was way cooler than any of us expected. We wandered around the grounds for quite a while before it started to rain. After a while we decided to head back to the hotel to check out our room and grab some grub.

I think this was our busiest day in London yet! Only one more day left...