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Madrid Zoo and Churios!

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Today we decided to hit the zoo! The kids needed a day of just fun. The Madrid zoo had pandas, koalas, and elephants. We even got to see a dolphin show. It was a long hot sweaty day but everyone had a great time.

After the zoo, we headed to gets some churio at San Gines. San Gines is like the Cafe Dumont of churios in Spain. Boy were they good! Even Ella who hates sweets loved them.  They come with hot chocolate dipping sauce.

Walking around and Rena Sofia

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Today we are taking it easy and just walking around our neighborhood. Lots of cool things to see.

We were excited to learn that after 4 pm you can get into the Rena Sofía for free. The Rena Sofía is known for their modern art especially from Spain's loved Picasso and Dali! Ella loved every minute of it, dissecting each painting. Miles of course loved popping from one chair to the next. They don't allow photos in most of the wings but we managed to squeeze in a few.

Madrid Sightseeing - day 82

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After a great time with Monste and family!  Thank you for hosting us! We can't wait for you to visit the US.

After an emotional goodbye, We boarded our train to Madrid. Once aboard, we discovered we were in first class. Free drinks, meal and snacks. We felt like kings and queens.

Our first day in Madrid, We decided to have lunch at the Mercado de San Migeul. Unlike some of the markets we've been to, the Mercado is all restaurants offering small tapas plates. We got to try lots of weird foods and the kids could still have hamburgers and pizza. 

After a great lunch, we headed toward the castle. But ended up getting lost instead. We saw the back side of it but couldn't figure out how to get to the front. We ended up in this little garden next door. Miles found another hedge maze and was in heaven! After a bit we sat by a pond and the kids decided to get in because it was so hot!

After cooling down, we walked around for a bit we made our way to the Temple of Debod. The temple was once in Egypt, the brought it to Spain and put it back together piece by piece. Pretty cool!

Day Trip to Barcelona

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Monste was heading to visit some family for the weekend so she offered us her car to visit Barcelona. Barcelona is about 2 hours from OS de Balaguer. We jumped at the chance to check out a new place. I wish we would of stayed the night because we barely scratched the surface. We arrived just in time for lunch. We decide to go to Obamas, feeling a little homesick. The kids got American style food and Sean got a burrito. After lunch, we headed down La Rambla.

Of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out another local market. The Mercado de La Boqueria was a crazy flurry of action. We tried a few different juices and grab some ice cream while we walked around. There were fish markets, meat markets, fruits, candies.. It was so much fun. The kids loved checking out the local eats, happy to be looking and not eating a few of them.

After the market, we kept heading down La Rambla to the sea. We walked around the docks for a bit and saw a bit of a rowing competition. After an hour we new we would need to head back soon. We were so sad we didn't get a chance to check out any of the local art or churches this town in famous for.

Vall de Boi

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Today we borrowed the huge camper van (That in itself was an experience) and visited the Vall de Boi. It was a truly magical place. Vall de Boi is located on the edge of the Pyrennes, each of the towns boast a roman style church. The towns each tried to build a more elaborate church then the next. We had a great time walking around the towns, stopping for some lunch, and climbing to the top of the tallest tower. I even managed to get almost to the top of the tower.. It was a little scary.

River hike

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Today Jordi shared one of his favorite places. We are hiking in a river! We had a great time wading through water, taking swim breaks, and having lunch along the way. If I lived nearby I would be here every chance I could. It was a one of kind experience.

Monestir de les Avellanes and Parc Astronòmic Montsec

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While staying with Monste, She shared a few of her local favorite places. First up the Monestary, just a 5 minute drive from Os. Ella loved all the culture and Miles loved hiking!

We also checked out the Montsec Astronomy. The show stared with a movie, then they lowered the roof so you could see all the amazing stars! There were so many! Once they closed the roof we headed to a telescope. Miles was falling asleep so we went and sat in the car but Ella got to see Saturn. 

Os de Balguer Part 2

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Most days in Os, we spent at the pool. Most homes don't have air conditioning and it is was so hot! . The whole town basically is at the pool everyday from 3-8pm. Moms chatting, Dads splashing with any kids around, Grandparents cooling off or running after toddlers. 

Of course the kids loved this! Every day at the pool! We all made new friends.  It was definitely a highlight of our time there.

 We also cooked meals together, played together, learned from each other, and we even did a few outing together (which we'll get to soon). 

Os de Balaguer Part 1

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Os de Balaguer: Population: 400 people + 4 Americans

Location: Catalonia (currently located in Spain) About 1 1/2 hours from Barcelona.

Staying for 3 weeks with Monste, Jordi, Teia (age 7), Roc (age 5), and Estell (age 2)

The town has 1 of each of these:   bakery/deli/market, butcher shop, winery, castle, pool, school

Typical day: Wake up at 9am. Eat small breakfast, kids play, lunch at 2pm, Head to the pool til 8pm, Eat dinner 9-10pm, Bed time 11- midnight.