Obrien World Tour

Madrid Sightseeing - day 82

SpainAmy ObrienComment

After a great time with Monste and family!  Thank you for hosting us! We can't wait for you to visit the US.

After an emotional goodbye, We boarded our train to Madrid. Once aboard, we discovered we were in first class. Free drinks, meal and snacks. We felt like kings and queens.

Our first day in Madrid, We decided to have lunch at the Mercado de San Migeul. Unlike some of the markets we've been to, the Mercado is all restaurants offering small tapas plates. We got to try lots of weird foods and the kids could still have hamburgers and pizza. 

After a great lunch, we headed toward the castle. But ended up getting lost instead. We saw the back side of it but couldn't figure out how to get to the front. We ended up in this little garden next door. Miles found another hedge maze and was in heaven! After a bit we sat by a pond and the kids decided to get in because it was so hot!

After cooling down, we walked around for a bit we made our way to the Temple of Debod. The temple was once in Egypt, the brought it to Spain and put it back together piece by piece. Pretty cool!