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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MalaysiaAmy ObrienComment

Kuala Lumpur was interesting. Full of malls, smog, and rats.  KL is a hub so we are here for a few days before heading on to Chiang Mai, Thailand. The air was so full of smoke from fires on the neighboring islands, we missed seeing some of the great sites.  We did check out the local malls and the famous Market.

One of the other highlights was the Batu Caves. Though as soon as we arrived it started to downpour but we didn't let that stop us. We purchased a few rain ponchos and made our way up all those steps!

Up next we are heading to Thailand!

Bako National Park

Borneo, MalaysiaAmy ObrienComment

We took a bus to a small fishing boat to get to Bako National Park where we will be stayed for 4 nights. Bako was like a zoo set free. The animals run wild, the humid and heat was insane but it was an experience we will never forget.

Kuching Boreno

MalaysiaAmy ObrienComment

After our brief journey into the Middle East, we are heading to Asia! I never thought I would get here. We will be in Asia for the next 3-4 months.

First stop is Kuching, Borneo. which is on the Malaysian side of the island. We are here to check out the Bako National Park. I had read about this national park where the bug, reptiles, and monkeys run wild. So of course we needed to go. The first night in Kuching we stayed at a local hotel that was full of fun until we discovered all the huge roaches in the morning. EW!

Lucky for us just behind the hotel there was a Mooncake Festival going on. It was so much fun checking out the local food, dances, henna, and break dancing.