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#1 Casa de Montse Os De Balaguer - Stayed with this lovely family! We met them on helpx.net Can't wait to see them again!

#2 Madrid Sol - Great location! Right in the action. Right by the train. The place was super clean and had air conditioning! Even with being in the center of everything you couldn't hear a thing.


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#1 19th Buttes-Chaumont - Yuk! This place was so gross. Once again we strayed from airbnb to try homeaway.com. Bad choice again. Both sinks where clogged. There was hair everywhere. Only saving grace was the neighborhood and cleaning products. It is no longer listed online.

#2 Digon to Chatillon en Bazois Houseboat - We rented the houseboat through h2olidays. I loved this. It was like camping on water. This part of France is amazing. I think if we did it again, I would get a slightly bigger boat. This only 1 bedroom and the kitchen converted into another bed.

#3 Hotel Novotel Perpignan - Just a pit stop on our way to Spain. Had to pick something on the border since it will cost you an extra $100 or more to cross the border in a rental car.


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Forrest Brussels - Love! This place was so cute. If i could of added 2 bedrooms, I would of moved in. Great terrace, great location, lovely bathroom, half a block from the train, had a cat that meowed "miles".


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#1 Ibis Dublin - Great place just outside Dublin. The price was right and had free wifi and breakfast. Dublin is super expensive so any ways so save money.

#2 Travelodge Waterford - Stay away! Thankfully we were just here for one night. I even thought about sleeping in the car it was that bad. Sometimes it is worth spending the extra $10.

#3 Bridget's Cottage Sneem - Another great find. A magical place in the valley on the Ring of Kerry. The owners again really made this place extra special. They shared all their favorite locations and let the kids tend to the animals on the farm. I would stay here again in a heartbeat.

#4 Kilkerrin Gallaway County - This place was in the middle of nowhere again. The local pub did have the best chocolate cake ever and free wifi. This house would of been better in the summer. The area is full of beaches, kayaking, and horse riding but it was way to cold for any of that. Plus no WIFI! It was a great time to tune out.


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#1 Yurt Kirkcowan - This place was amazing! We really wished we would of stayed a few more days. The land and the owners were incredible. The kids loved the horses that would come to visit the Yurt.

#2 Balquhidder Caravan, Scotland - We also loved this place. The owners were fantastic! The kids loved playing with the kids that lived here. We even stayed an extra few days because we loved it so much. The caravan wasn't anything special but the view was breathtaking. They also let us borrow there bikes for a ride around the neighborhood.

#3 Edinburgh Southferry Premier Inn - This was a quick train ride into Edinburgh. Not sure if it saved us money being so far from downtown but it worked for us. The hotel was very nice.

Snowdonia, Wales

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Dolwyddelan Cottage - We found this one on a sight called ownersdirect. The place was in a great location right near Snowdonia, castles, Bounce Below, and had a stream running through the backyard. It was on the other hand, not the cleanest. It also had a strange smell coming from one of the bedrooms.  I definitely wouldn't stay here again. But would stay in the same town.


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#1  TravelLodge Kings Cross Station. It was a great location! Right next to Kings Cross Station. The room was small but really how often are you in your room in London. Breakfast included for a small fee.

#2 Georgian House Hotel. We mostly wanted to stay here for the Harry Potter themed rooms but unfortunately they were sold out. They did let us take a quick look at them, Amazing! We rented one of the apartments, great for a family. Plenty of room, working kitchen, and even a garden for the kids to play. Breakfast included, plus they had pancakes!

#3  Hotel Novotel London West- We are on our third hotel in London. This was far from London but in a nice neighborhood. We were just trying to find something cheaper and didn't realize it was so far away.

#4 Holiday Inn Express Hemel Hampstead - Perfect place to stay right near Harry Potter Studio Tour! There was nice canal right behind the hotel.

#5 Stiperstones Inn-  We stayed here after Gloucester on our way to Wales. This place was so great! The food was delicious! The owners were great fun. It is in the middle of nowhere but that made it even more special.

#6 Sorley's Oxofrd!! They were the best bed and breakfast we stayed at the whole trip! Thank you!

Reykjavik, Iceland

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We stayed in the cutest cottage in Iceland. It was a great place to start our trip! Can't wait to head back to Iceland.