Obrien World Tour


Amy ObrienComment

#1 19th Buttes-Chaumont - Yuk! This place was so gross. Once again we strayed from airbnb to try homeaway.com. Bad choice again. Both sinks where clogged. There was hair everywhere. Only saving grace was the neighborhood and cleaning products. It is no longer listed online.

#2 Digon to Chatillon en Bazois Houseboat - We rented the houseboat through h2olidays. I loved this. It was like camping on water. This part of France is amazing. I think if we did it again, I would get a slightly bigger boat. This only 1 bedroom and the kitchen converted into another bed.

#3 Hotel Novotel Perpignan - Just a pit stop on our way to Spain. Had to pick something on the border since it will cost you an extra $100 or more to cross the border in a rental car.