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Before heading to Dublin, we are stayed outside of Edinburgh for one night. I wish we would of planned one more day. Edinburgh had so much to do. After hopping off the train, we wandered the streets checking out the cool buildings.

We noticed that the National Gallery was free. So off we went to check out some local art. To our surprise they had some amazing pieces ;Monet, Gauguin, and Rembrandt's self portrait to name a few. The museum offered workbooks for kids. The books had them on a scavenger hunt through the different sections of the museum, researching the art. The kids loved searching the gallerys and answering the questions.

It was a good thing we went to the Museum in true Scottish fashion (rain gear not kilts) as it poured and hailed the whole time we were there. Once we got outside the clouds broke and we were off to see Carlton Hill. I really wanted to see King Arthurs seat but it was to far for these kids to hike to.
 Carlton Hill was really amazing, there were views of the whole city and statues galore.

After our hike we were starved.. While looking for food we stumbled upon a street performer. The kids were enjoying the show until he swallowed a sword, both kids went running the other way.

Fun with Mirrors

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The National parks decided to add sculptures to some of their parks to entice people to come by. We were intrigued, so we stopped by the one near our place. It was pretty cool. A mirrored box, that had an old telephone in one spot and a seat on another side. So we had a little fun playing with mirrors. This time when we passed the ox, they didn't chase us. bonus!

Scottish Bike ride (day 24)

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On one our last days at the Caravan, we took out the owners bikes. Miles has been wanting to go since we arrived but with the weather and flat tires it just didn't happen until the last day. Despite the drizzle, we bundled up, packed a snack and headed to the trail at the end of the street. It was gorgeous! Even with the rain we had a blast.

After the ride, we warmed up at Mhor84 with some lunch. Mhor84 owns 2 inns , a bakery, and 2 restaurants in town. One of the restaurants was at the end of our street so we passed it almost everyday, we knew we would have to try it at least once! The prices were a bit high but the food was delicious. Miles loved his cheese toasty. Ella was not to sure about her Scottish burger (they are made more like meatloaf). But Crisps(fries) save the day every time.

Stirling Scotland.

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After a week of no internet and still no idea how we are getting to Ireland. We needed to find some internet fast. So we headed to the biggest town around Stirling to walk around, grab lunch, and get some free wifi.
Stiriling is know as the Gateway to the highlands. The town has been around since the stone age going through several different variations since then. The modern Stirling was a great place to relax. Plenty of great restaruants, historical places, Ella's favorite the library, and Mile's favorite the sweet shop.

Brackin Falls and Doone Castle

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Since the weather wasn't always the best, we tried to jam pack the days we could actually get out. First stop Brackin Falls. We packed a lunch, hopped in the car, and headed for a day of hiking and adventure. Once at the falls, we enjoyed our picnic and then hiked our way over. The kids loved climbing the rocks around the falls. We probably could of spent the whole afternoon there but wanted to get to the castle.

As we headed to the castle, the weather turned a bit and got colder and drizzled. We didn't let that stop. We kept our sites on seeing our first Scottish Castle. When we arrived we learned that the castle was host to many movies and tv shows, mainly Monty Python. Sean was super excited about this. The walking tour was great- the kids loved finding the numbered locations around the castle, like a scavanger hunt. It even included snipits from the movie, which went over the kids heads.

Loch Lomond and Mhor84 Festival

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Next stop Loch Lomond! We rented a static caravan that was in the backyard of a lovely family. We had only planned to stay a few days but our next place fell through. So with 5 days left in Scotland we gave the kids an option, stay put or move to northern Scotland. They voted on staying put, since the place we were staying had 2 little girls, sheep, chicks, a puppy and lots of room to run. Even though the 5 days were a cold and rainy, we got to explore and even got to hit up a local festival.

Saturday we attended the Mhor84 Festival. It was just down the road from the caravan and we never pass up a festival. It turned out to be one of the  best days yet. The weather was warm, the people were cheery(if not slightly drunk), there was free shots of Scottish whiskey(Sean tried them all), local eats, zip lining for the kids, and the national parks team was there teaching everyone about Scotland 100s of years ago. Miles was deemed ultimate oat grinder by the National parks. Ella tried some Oysters but thought they were a little slimey. Everyone got frites! Yum! Saw some local indie bands. The perfect family day out.