Obrien World Tour

Scottish Bike ride (day 24)

ScotlandAmy ObrienComment

On one our last days at the Caravan, we took out the owners bikes. Miles has been wanting to go since we arrived but with the weather and flat tires it just didn't happen until the last day. Despite the drizzle, we bundled up, packed a snack and headed to the trail at the end of the street. It was gorgeous! Even with the rain we had a blast.

After the ride, we warmed up at Mhor84 with some lunch. Mhor84 owns 2 inns , a bakery, and 2 restaurants in town. One of the restaurants was at the end of our street so we passed it almost everyday, we knew we would have to try it at least once! The prices were a bit high but the food was delicious. Miles loved his cheese toasty. Ella was not to sure about her Scottish burger (they are made more like meatloaf). But Crisps(fries) save the day every time.