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Jordan Wadi Rum

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Today we started our Rum Stars Camp Adventure. First up is camel trekking. We had a blast hiking and riding through Wadi Rum.  On our journey we learned all about the Bedouin tribes and how they live. We stopped for tea at a few tents along the way and hiked a few trails. It was a great day.

After a full day of camel trekking we head over to camp. We were very excited to see where we would be staying and ready for some dinner.

After some Breakfast we headed out on our jeep trek. Another fun day. We did some sand boarding, hiking, and watched the sunset. It was a great way to end our week in Jordan.

Jordan - Madaba, Nebo, and Dead Sea

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Jordan was amazing. So unlike any place we have been.  Our first stop was Madaba. I really loved the craziness of this place. During the day it is dead but at night it is a full of life. I really wish I would of taken more pictures.

Our first day out we headed to Nebo. It was really cool to stand where Moses had so long ago. You can see for miles up there.

Dead Sea was up next. We were all excited to get in and see what all the fuss was about. We didn't want to stay at one of the fancy hotels so we checked out a day beach/pool. The pool was a work of art and behind it there were stairs down to the sea.  It is really weird just floating! We also had to try out the mud. Miles opted out to play in the showers.

The Next day we headed to the south of Jordan and the city of Petra. We had debated going here since the entrance fee was so high. In the end we decide we just couldn't pass it up. It was amazing! All along the Sic they built homes in the stone. The kids were a little less impressed. It did take about an hour walking in the heat to get to the cool things and by the time we got there they were done. I wish we would of had more time to hike some of the trails.