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Changing of the Guard /Science Museum/festival ... (day 5/6)

EnglandAmy Obrien1 Comment

Today was our first look at the English breakfast. Eggs, Sausage, hash browns, baked beans, and bacon. As we will find out later, this is basically the only breakfast they offer in the UK. Sean is the only one that keeps on enjoying this delicacy, the rest of us are craving waffles and syrup.

After breakfast, we headed back to the palace to check out the changing of the guard. We got there early but not early enough. The place was a mad-house! Even though we didn't find the best place to stand, we still saw most of the show. The whole thing was a little underwhelming but we are glad we stopped by to see it.

Since we were so close, we headed over to Big Ben, Westminster, and Parliament. It turns out it was the England V Day holiday , a memorial for the day that WWII ended.  The whole area was being set up for a parade the next day. Westminster was closed but the church next door was open.  Though we heard later that the lines for Westminster go around the block, so we were glad that it was closed. St. Margret's church next door and was so cool! and free entry even better!

Once again we are switching hotels, so we packed our gear and headed to the tube. Everyone was beat so we ordered pizza and hit the hay. Tomorrow we decided to check out one of the free museums.. the kids decided that the Science Museum was the best choice.

So glad they decided on this one, it was brilliant! Almost better than the Museum of Science and Industry! There were 5 floors of interactive fun.
The first thing we checked out was the Flash, Bang, Walop show. I still can't believe it was free!

Getting really hungry, we decide we would head out of the museum to grab lunch. To our surprise there was a festival right next door. If you know us, we love a good festival! So off we went to grab a bite and check out what was going on. Turns out it was a Science/Engineering festival for the college. There was food, music, and science projects from the students.