Obrien World Tour

Good Day London! (day3)

EnglandSean Comment

It’s a 3.5 hour flight to London but the in flight movies, games, and snacks once again make it go by extra quickly. Once in Heathrow we take the long walking trek to customs to get our much awaited first European stamps on our passports. Take note of the “long walk” to customs, be prepared but customs moved pretty quickly.

Once through Customs we pick up a UK sim card for the phone which probably would’ve been cheaper to purchase outside of the airport but we were excited to get moving. We easily locate the tube, get our Oyster cards and set off on the Piccadilly line toward Cockfosters. After an hour ride we exit at Kings Cross Station (home of the fabled 9 3/4 platform from Harry Potter) and walk directly into a very busy welcoming London.

After spending the last three days in desolate spacious Iceland it was a slight shock to walk out into a busy city. It's a real sensory overload as we immediately take in all the sights, sounds, and smells.

We quickly make it to our hotel The Travelodge at King’s Cross, drop off our luggage and head back out into the city to find lunch. Back at the King’s Cross Tube Station there is an artisan food market stocked with independently owned booths offering up a ton of English delicacies. I spot a vendor selling Scottish eggs while Amy picks up some yummy falafel. The kids on the other hand were a little less adventurous and stuck to McDonalds until I returned with a lamb kabob which Ella helped devour. All in all a comfortable proper picnic.

After lunch we head back to the hotel, to unwind, make some phone calls, and head back out to explore the local area. Everyone is tired from an early morning start and traveling so we decide to postpone the Harry Potter walking tour until tomorrow in exchange for a mile walk to the London Eye. Half way there we decide to take the bus instead since our Oyster cards cover the costs but I forgot mine in the room so we opt for some awesome gelato and an early night instead.