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Loch Lomond and Mhor84 Festival

ScotlandAmy ObrienComment

Next stop Loch Lomond! We rented a static caravan that was in the backyard of a lovely family. We had only planned to stay a few days but our next place fell through. So with 5 days left in Scotland we gave the kids an option, stay put or move to northern Scotland. They voted on staying put, since the place we were staying had 2 little girls, sheep, chicks, a puppy and lots of room to run. Even though the 5 days were a cold and rainy, we got to explore and even got to hit up a local festival.

Saturday we attended the Mhor84 Festival. It was just down the road from the caravan and we never pass up a festival. It turned out to be one of the  best days yet. The weather was warm, the people were cheery(if not slightly drunk), there was free shots of Scottish whiskey(Sean tried them all), local eats, zip lining for the kids, and the national parks team was there teaching everyone about Scotland 100s of years ago. Miles was deemed ultimate oat grinder by the National parks. Ella tried some Oysters but thought they were a little slimey. Everyone got frites! Yum! Saw some local indie bands. The perfect family day out.