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Brackin Falls and Doone Castle

ScotlandAmy ObrienComment

Since the weather wasn't always the best, we tried to jam pack the days we could actually get out. First stop Brackin Falls. We packed a lunch, hopped in the car, and headed for a day of hiking and adventure. Once at the falls, we enjoyed our picnic and then hiked our way over. The kids loved climbing the rocks around the falls. We probably could of spent the whole afternoon there but wanted to get to the castle.

As we headed to the castle, the weather turned a bit and got colder and drizzled. We didn't let that stop. We kept our sites on seeing our first Scottish Castle. When we arrived we learned that the castle was host to many movies and tv shows, mainly Monty Python. Sean was super excited about this. The walking tour was great- the kids loved finding the numbered locations around the castle, like a scavanger hunt. It even included snipits from the movie, which went over the kids heads.