Obrien World Tour

Isle Of Whithorn

Amy ObrienComment

With only 1 day in Kirkcowan Scotland, we asked our hosts the best places to check out. They named a few farms, ice cream shops, and the Isle of Whithorn. After talking with them, we knew the Isle was the place to go.

The hike was about 5 1/2 miles but we only did about half. The sun was out but it was just a bit chilly. The beginning of the path looks like you are entering someones backyard but as you continue further you see the signs. As we went past the turnstile we were shocked to see a pasture of cows... but we got by them no problem and followed the path along. We got to a spot that was along the water, so Sean taught Miles to skim rock and Ella and I searched for seashells. After a few minutes, Miles slides right into the water. (first time of many that he falls into water after not listening). With one wet foot, we trek on down the path. After about an hour we decided to head back.. This time as we come to the cow pastures, the cows decide to chase us. A little freaked we hold our ground and yell Stay! which they do but as soon as we turn our backs they are running again. After a harrowing few minutes, we make it to the next turnstile and our safe from the crazed cows!