Obrien World Tour

Holy Head Island (day 12)

WalesSean Comment

After some much needed relaxation and rejuvenating, we were ready for to start seeing the sites of Northwestern Wales. We had no idea what a mecca the Bwets-y-Coed area was to hikers, bikers, and naturalists alike. We  finally decided on a trek to Holy Head and the South Stack Lighthouse by choosing the closest attraction to the coast that we found on the tourist map. In addition to the Lighthouse, Holy Head also is the home to a system of ancient Hut Circles that once served as foundations for stone and plaster homes estimated to be built in 70AD. It’s open to the public and kids are free to roam and climb on them. The kids really enjoyed working off some energy running around the stone circles and finally taking a hike towards the coast and the Lighthouse. Our first stop was Ellin’s Tower, the information building where we talked to a park officer about our plans.

We were informed that the wind was pretty strong and it was actually strong enough to close off access to the Lighthouse the day before so we should approach with caution. We started on our trek down over 300 stairs to sea level and the Lighthouse and only got about fifty steps in and decided that it was not safe to go any further with the kids in fear of watching them get blown over the edge. So I did what any responsible adult would do and lead them to the top, grabbed the Go Pro and tried to make it on my own.  As  you can see by some video footage attached here, I didn’t get much further.
On our way out of the parking lot the kids noticed an other trail and a group of experienced hikers with lots of gear making their way up the mountainside rather than down to the Lighthouse. The kids quickly ran after them and I followed and we ended up and a peak at a small stone enclosure that looked out over the top of the Lighthouse and into the Irish Sea. Amazing views and a good sense of accomplishment after being defeated by the Lighthouse