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Where are all the stinking castles?

WalesSean Comment

If you were a child in the mountains and countryside of the United Kingdom what would be the first things that we would want to go explore? Castles!!! We did some minimal research and found that there were a number of castles that were free to explore within about an hour or so from where we were staying. The closest being Dolwyddelan Castle which was minutes away and was small enough to explore quickly but exciting enough to evoke images of ancient times of people working inside and knights guarding the turrets above as we climbed to the top to explore. The kids got their first taste of a  Welsh castle and wanted more. Unfortunately the remainder of the day found us searching for more castles but not finding any. At least we had a good time taking a long scenic drive but were ready for more and the next day we found it. After passing by Bewts-y-coed enough time, we decided to stop in.