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The land of Sheep and more sheep

WalesAmy ObrienComment

We're excited to arrive at our cottage in Dolwyddelan,Wales. Everyone was looking forward to being in one place for a whole week. A place to do laundry, reorganize, and just relax.
The first 2 days we just laid low at the homestead watching movies, reading books, walking to town, and the kids loved running around the yard. Just normal everyday things. Best of all laundry! We are in desperate need of clean undies and socks.
Our cottage was very old world. The main living area had exposed beams, thick plaster walls, and a coal stove (which none of us could ever get lit). Just outside our backdoor was a bridge under the bridge was a waterfall. Yep a very loud raging stream and mini-waterfall.
 We also got our first taste of the land of sheep in Dolwyddelan. Just outside our cottage there was a field of them. When you sat on the couch you could see them peering in at you, baa baa. As you hit the town another field you could just walk through. The kids were excited to be one with the sheep and would check out the pens daily.