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Iceland, England, Wales, and Scotland Budget

Budget, England, Wales, ScotlandAmy ObrienComment

Accommodations: $1782

We had 3 free nights; 2 free hotels stays in exchange for reviews on globetotting.com and 1 free night at a friends in Oxford. We stayed at mostly in rentals including a caravan and a yurt! Plus a few hotels and apartments as well.

Travel/Car : $1397

This included rental cars in Iceland, Ireland, and around the UK and Flight from Scotland to Ireland. it also covered all gas/tolls.

Food: $ 1337

To save money, we mostly cooked our meals and packed lunches.

Entertainment:  $270

We did really well on entertainment! There were lots of fun free things to do in these areas; hiking, castle/fort exploring, museums, and city walks. We splurged on the Harry Potter experience, a castle walking tour, and festivals! We did get one free activity in exchange for a review- Boucne Below!

Other:  $214

This includes post cards,/stamps, clothing, and trinkets.

Overall I think we did a great job!





BudgetAmy ObrienComment


Our budget for this trip is $150 per day:

We ended up spending closer to $175 a day. Along the way we decided that we'd rather come home earlier then to not do everything we wanted to do. It was the best decision for us. We also could of saved money by not seeing as many places in one country but again we wanted it ALL.

Passports and Flights from Chicago-Iceland- London aren't reflected in the budget. We paid for these well before we left.. Flight was $2000