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Iceland, England, Wales, and Scotland Budget

Budget, England, Wales, ScotlandAmy ObrienComment

Accommodations: $1782

We had 3 free nights; 2 free hotels stays in exchange for reviews on globetotting.com and 1 free night at a friends in Oxford. We stayed at mostly in rentals including a caravan and a yurt! Plus a few hotels and apartments as well.

Travel/Car : $1397

This included rental cars in Iceland, Ireland, and around the UK and Flight from Scotland to Ireland. it also covered all gas/tolls.

Food: $ 1337

To save money, we mostly cooked our meals and packed lunches.

Entertainment:  $270

We did really well on entertainment! There were lots of fun free things to do in these areas; hiking, castle/fort exploring, museums, and city walks. We splurged on the Harry Potter experience, a castle walking tour, and festivals! We did get one free activity in exchange for a review- Boucne Below!

Other:  $214

This includes post cards,/stamps, clothing, and trinkets.

Overall I think we did a great job!