Obrien World Tour

Rue Cler and Luxembourg Garden Park

FranceAmy ObrienComment

I love going to markets in new places. Its a great way to sample new foods and check out what the locals love to eat. Rue Cler is one of Paris' most famous market. We got a few different types of cheese to try. Browsed all the crazy seafood and vegetables. We even got a few prepared foods to bring to the park for lunch.

After we grabbed our goodies at the market, we headed to Luxembourg Gardens to have our picnic. We also heard about the crazy kids park that we knew we would have to check out. The first cheese we tried tasted and smelled like Miles' feet, so we gave that one to Sean. The other 2 were amazing goat cheeses. After our lunch we headed to the kids playground,  for a small fee the kids can enjoy the park equipment. The kids loved it! They had some unique things, like a makeshift zipline. Ella had a rough start on it but had a great time after that.(see video) Miles made a few friends on the merry go round. Parents have to pay to get in so Sean and I watched from behind the gate. We also watched a bit of the weirdest group badminton match.

We are saying goodbye to Paris today.. and off to our Houseboat.