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Digion to Chatillon en Bazois - Houseboat Part 1

FranceAmy ObrienComment

Our Houseboat: The Paqurette. model: Penichette 935W- It has 2 double beds(1 of which is under the kitchen table) and one twin. The main cabin area consists of the kitchen and driving area. The bathroom is small and the shower is a pull out nozzle from the sink and a pump and drain in the floor.

A houseboat is similar to an RV but on water. You can dock pretty much anywhere you like. You have to fill up on water and electric daily to keep her running smoothly, so it was best to find a campground/dock with both of these.

After driving for what seemed like forever from Paris! and then driving in circles in Digoin trying to find the dock.. we arrived just in time for them to let us into the houseboat. We will have to wait till the morning for our driving lessons.

At 10 am the next day. The dock manager was ready to give us our lesson. After 15 minutes of half English/half French lessons, they sent us on our way.

On the first day everyone was excited to take a turn at the wheel. The kids did really great! Ella loved listening to Taylor Swift and sing as she drove. Miles loved watching everything happening outside.

Locks, locks and more locks! Part of cruising the canals is going through the locks. Luckily all the locks we went through had lock keepers so they did most of the work. Our job was to maneuver the boat into the lock and secure the rope to the land. Easier said then done! our first day of locks was a bit rough but by the end of the trip we had it down to a science. Even Ella and Miles helped. Ok, mostly Ella, Miles of course being Miles fell in the water trying to run to the rope. (Don't worry we fished him out.)