Obrien World Tour

Louvre and Notre Dame

FranceAmy ObrienComment

Let's start with the building. It is incredible, every inch is a masterpiece from the inside to the outside. There is art on the walls, ceiling, and even the floors. Everywhere you look you are in awe by the beauty.

Art! There is so much to see just when you thought you made it through a wing, you turn the corner to find more art. We spent most of our day in the Greek rooms, as Ella is a huge fan of Greek mythology. We breezed through the Renaissance section stopping at some of our favorites, broke for lunch then continued on to the replicated rooms and native peoples.

Ella loved every second of our trip to the Louvre. She skipped from piece to piece, reading every line about everything she could. Her favorites were everything in the Greek wing and the Native Peoples section.

Miles on the other hand, thought this was the worst day. He hopped from chair to chair,looking for any place to get a seat. We gave him a notebook and pen and had him draw his favorite pieces. This cheered him up a bit. I guess he isn't into art just yet. Though he did like the Easter Island head and looking for the "art by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

After the Louvre we decided to see Notre Dame since it was not to far and on our way back to the metro. I think we might of pushed it a bit since both kids were a little tired. Miles sat in a pew while we walked around.

Off to find some ice cream. It always cheers up the kids when we have made them walk just a little too much in one day!