Obrien World Tour

Our story

  I've been a wanderer since my first road trip to California, way back in high school. I fell in love with the open road, the freedom, and the chance to see it all.
Sean and I have been traveling together since we met. Our love of adventure has been passed down to Ella & Miles.
                Ella loves to read and instantly wants to experience the real place. She has been the inspiration our trip.                  Miles loves any chance to climb and explore.We are comfortable in cities but we really feel at home out in the wild.                 We aren't afraid to go off the path. World here we come!

Are we Crazy?

Maybe a little.... Some days we are nervous, some days just excited.... but only time will tell.

We've been wanting a change.. and it seemed like the universe was telling us now is the time.

How can we afford this?

We've been putting away a little at a time for about 3 years for a trip to Greece. We weren't sure how much it would cost so we just kept putting money aside. When we decided that 3 weeks was just not long enough to see everything we wanted, we really started stocking money away. On our site, we will document how much we spend and where we stay. Our current budget is $150/day. We are hoping to stay closer to $100 but with 4 people we are over budgeting.

After being out for 2 months, we have changed the budget to $160/day. With four people I think we underestimated just a bit.

Will you work?

 We are working with Globetotting.com, an amazing site for families that want take adventurous trips that are out of the ordinary. Amy will be doing photography along the way. We are exploring opportunities at helpx.net

How long will we be gone?

At least 6 months but the list of places we want to see gets longer every day!  If we spend less, we will stay longer. If we spend more, we will come home sooner. Our goal is to make it to see the Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai.

Wait! What about all your stuff?

We are selling what we can. A small handful of things are going into Papa Roman's basement. Thank you Papa Roman!

Can you come along?

We would love family and friends to meet us any where in the world!  If you are a traveling family, we would love to meet up with you and swap stories.

Want to work with us?

Would you like us to review your adventures or hotels? you can either contact us here or head over to globetotting.com . We will also be posting reviews of everything on our site to help other families find fun things to do with their families.