Obrien World Tour


Amy ObrienComment

Well our first day in Iceland was freezing even with both coats. First beakfeast a crissoant with milk brand muu. We then went on driving to our cottage. When we got there we just got settled in and had hot dogs. After that dad and Miles fell right asleep. We walked around the beach and found icelandic ponies. They are so so cute.<3

Life On A Houseboat

Amy ObrienComment

The first day was hard it was hot and sticky everywhere you went. The shower was the sink and we bought healing lotion instead of sun tan lotion and were covered in sun burns. But besides all that it was fun to feel the breeze in your face and drive the boat. After a while though you do get used to it sort of. Most towns did have pools, so that was awesome. But the first day is always the hardest.

Driving a houseboat is easy you just move the wheel a little left when moving a little right and move a little right when you're leaning a little to much to your left. Living on a houseboat for a week in the summer is not as easy.                  


Tomorrow Is The Day!

Ella Blue1 Comment

Tomorrow we are leaving. I am excited and a little scared. But I know that this will be an excellent experience. Yesterday was weird when we got home. All the things that happened to me was in this house and now we will be leaving it all. Its not like we will be getting to our new house after this. It is going to be hard today too. Maybe even harder today we say good-bye to our family and leave our cars out there. Tomorrow though we will be gone and happy together on our world trip.

Leaving school and selling everything

Ella BlueComment

I love school and leaving it is a big deal. At first i didn't know what was happening selling all my stuff so we could go on a major trip around the world,was weird. Nobody does that. I felt different but excited. I wanted to to talk about it to someone,but i couldn't because it wold ruin things and mess up our plans or something like that.:) I told some friends . We are still working on selling things and my parents are going crazy about homeschooling like "what books to get and stuff like that". Excited and can't wait that this is just the begining.:)By the way i love my little pony 83.