Obrien World Tour

Italy Budget

Amy ObrienComment

Accommodations: $1887

This month we stayed mostly at Airbnbs and 1 hotel.

Travel/Car : $656

We ended up renting a car for most of time we where in Italy. It made more sense then the trains. This includes car rental, gas, tolls, and trains/buses in Rome.

Food: $ 1802

We ate and ate and ate! Pizza and gelato almost everyday..

Entertainment:  $306

this month we did a few things that cost extra money; bikes in Lucca, gondola in Venice, and Pompeii to just name a few.

Other:  $192

This includes post cards,/stamps, clothing, SIM cards, and trinkets. We also needed to pick up a new hard drive this month :(

The Italy food and wine really got to the budget this month. But yum were they good.