Obrien World Tour

Spain Budget

Amy ObrienComment

Accommodations: $448

This month we stayed with a family we met through helpx.net. In exchange for room/board we helped them with some moving. babysitting, etc. This was a great opportunity to learn about the culture from a families view. We also stayed in an apartment in Madrid.

Travel/Car : $814

We didn't really have to much travel this month. This covered train passes, flight to Rome, and gas for the families car.

Food: $ 1174

To save money, we mostly cooked our meals and packed lunches. We shared the groceries while we stayed in Spain so this was a bit lower than it could of been.

Entertainment:  $41

We only paid for swimming at the pool and tickets to the astronomic

Other:  $192

This includes post cards,/stamps, clothing, SIM cards, and trinkets.

The helpx really saved our budget this month. There are lots of opportunities on there to do all kinds of work exchanges. We really got lucky with Montse and her amazing family!