Obrien World Tour

Ireland, Belgium, and France Budget

Amy ObrienComment

Accommodations: $3648

Ouch! We spent a lot this month. The houseboat really did us in but it was so worth it! The rest of the month we stayed at cottages and just a few hotels.

Travel/Car : $1160

This included train passes, a rental car to get to/from houseboat, gas,  and bus from Belgium to Paris.

Food: $ 1680

To save money, we mostly cooked our meals and packed lunches. The yummy patisseries in France were hard to pass up.

Entertainment:  $219

We did really well on entertainment!  Here we went to the Louvre, walked the steps of the Eiffel tour, and took a boat ride on the canal in Belgium.  Mostly we just checked out the sites which is free.

Other:  $219

This includes post cards,/stamps, clothing, SIM cards, and trinkets.

It was an expensive month but I wouldn't of changed anything.