Obrien World Tour

Jordan - Madaba, Nebo, and Dead Sea

JordanAmy ObrienComment

Jordan was amazing. So unlike any place we have been.  Our first stop was Madaba. I really loved the craziness of this place. During the day it is dead but at night it is a full of life. I really wish I would of taken more pictures.

Our first day out we headed to Nebo. It was really cool to stand where Moses had so long ago. You can see for miles up there.

Dead Sea was up next. We were all excited to get in and see what all the fuss was about. We didn't want to stay at one of the fancy hotels so we checked out a day beach/pool. The pool was a work of art and behind it there were stairs down to the sea.  It is really weird just floating! We also had to try out the mud. Miles opted out to play in the showers.

The Next day we headed to the south of Jordan and the city of Petra. We had debated going here since the entrance fee was so high. In the end we decide we just couldn't pass it up. It was amazing! All along the Sic they built homes in the stone. The kids were a little less impressed. It did take about an hour walking in the heat to get to the cool things and by the time we got there they were done. I wish we would of had more time to hike some of the trails.

Blue Mosque

TurkeyAmy ObrienComment

The call to pray is heard 5 times a day. They play it over speakers all across Istanbul. We can to love it. It is beautiful to hear. We are excited to check out where everyone goes to pray. The blue mosque is one of the largest in Istanbul. Ella and I got a chance to rock our new head scarves. We learned more about Islamic culture.

Turkish Neighborhood

TurkeyAmy ObrienComment

Our neighborhood in Turkey was great. Lots of life.

Turkish Bath

TurkeyAmy ObrienComment

Turkish Baths! This is one thing that we knew we needed to check out while we are here. It will definitely be an experience we will never forgot.

First you check in and are given some sandals and a wrap. Then we were lead into the steam room where you rinse off with water. After sweating out all of our toxins for about 45 minutes we were scrubbed and cleaned. I was amazed at all the dirt they scrubbed off.

Istanbul- Market and Basilica Cistern

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First day in Istanbul was the day after a full day of travel and my birthday. All we did was lounge around our new digs and head out for some grub. After we needed some dessert to celebrate the kids of course wanted some ice cream! Turkish ice cream got 2 thumbs up.

After our chill day, we hit the town! First up the market. Ella and I are on the hunt for head scraves.

After wandering the maze of the markets. We noticed that the Basilica Cistern was just around the corner. It was the must see on everyone's list so we headed underground.

After the Basilica we just walked around till we hit a beautiful mosque. It was a great day!


GreeceAmy ObrienComment

We are staying in an all-insclusive resort. Our first ever! Miles and Ella loved that you can eat ice cream 3 times a day. Ella loved the water zumba, yoga, and water dance classes. Sean did waterpolo and volleyball. Miles and I just loved hanging out at the pool all day! It was relaxing. there was always food and drinks to be had.

On our way to Turkey, We made one last stop for Ella. The cave where Zues was born. It was a crazy hour drive and then a hike up a mountain but we made it!

Paros Snorkling Trip

GreeceAmy ObrienComment

Today we sail with Captain Yannis! Visiting a few smaller island along around Paros. Doing some snorkeling, cliff diving, and cave exploration. It was a great day til Ella got sea sick but she pulled through and did a few cliff jumps. Miles loved just jumping off the boat. He loved exploring the caves. Plus they had all you can drink soda! The scenery was beautiful, the weather great. All in all a nice adventure.

we lost most of the picture when the sd card decided to go haywire but we have a few of the beginning.


GreeceAmy ObrienComment

We spent a week on Paros. It is off season so we are almost the only people here. It is quiet and so relaxing, and the food so delicious! I fell in love with fried cheese with honey and walnuts. YUM! Ella and Sean loved the Rabbit stew. Miles loved the souvlaki.

Pretty much for the whole week, we just sat at the pool or the beach. It was heaven


GreeceAmy ObrienComment

Ella's dream came true we saw the Parthenon! She was sad to discover you couldn't go in it and that the Athena statue is missing! Some day she will lead an expedition to find it. Miles was pretty bored. He says there was nothing to do justlisten to the audio tour. I was surprised to learn that the building once had roofs and where painted.

Acropolis Museum and Zues Temple

GreeceAmy ObrienComment

After a hot day in the sun, we needed a break from the heat so we hit up the Acropolis Museum. First stop was to pick up thefree kids program backpack from the front desk. The kids had a ball searching the museum for Athena statues.(Ella's favorite god is Athena.) The top floor was built to replicate the actual Parthenos. They placed all the pillars and states in the exact same spots they would of been in the building. It was still early when we left the museum so we decided to go across the street to see Zeus's Temple.  Bet it was more impressive back in the day. On the way home, we stopped at a train station where they found graves when building it. They left the bodies where they laid and built around them. You can see them in the station.