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After a great day in Edinburgh, We are off to visit Ireland for 2 weeks. First stop Dublin! Dublin hotels were so pricey we only got to stay one day but we filled it with everything we wanted to do. Ella wanted to visit the Chester Betty Library, Miles the Archeology Museum, Sean wanted to find the statue of Phil Lynott, and I wanted to see the old city.
  Since nothing opens till late in Dublin on a Sunday, we wandered around the old city first.

The Chester Library is right next to the old city but it wasn't quite open yet, so we wandered around the garden. There was a walking path in the middle and a scavenger hunt to find mystic garden creatures. It was a great time!

Once we finally got into the library, Ella was a little sad you couldn't actually read any of the books. They had 2 exhibits going on one was early Asian art and books and the other religious books from around the world. We all enjoyed seeing books that dated back to 10 AD. It was amazing all the detail and work that went into the old works. Ella loved all the papyrus Greek stories. Miles loved the videos on book making. Sadly no photography was allowed in the library.

Next up lunch and Archeology Museum. We thought it might be nice to learn about the Irish heritage since we are O'Briens! This museum offered 4 different workbooks for the kids to work on. They chose all 4 to do!  First stop the Vikings, then we moved on to early Ireland, then finished off with jewelry. Miles favorite part was the Viking skeleton and all the swords. Ella loved all the golden jewelry. I thought the early Irish clothing was interesting.

After the museum we head out to find Phil!

After a full day in Dublin.. we are off to Waterford and Cork for one day each on our way to Sneem on the Ring of Kerry.