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Acropolis Museum and Zues Temple

GreeceAmy ObrienComment

After a hot day in the sun, we needed a break from the heat so we hit up the Acropolis Museum. First stop was to pick up thefree kids program backpack from the front desk. The kids had a ball searching the museum for Athena statues.(Ella's favorite god is Athena.) The top floor was built to replicate the actual Parthenos. They placed all the pillars and states in the exact same spots they would of been in the building. It was still early when we left the museum so we decided to go across the street to see Zeus's Temple.  Bet it was more impressive back in the day. On the way home, we stopped at a train station where they found graves when building it. They left the bodies where they laid and built around them. You can see them in the station.