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First stop Iceland! day 1

IcelandAmy Obrien4 Comments

After a full day of traveling we arrived in Iceland at 6 am on Tuesday. Tired but full of excitement to check out our first stop, we rolled out of the airport in our manual (yes manual, been at least 20 years since I drove one of those) Hyndaui I10. Freezing and hungry we drove around Reykjanesbær looking for some coffee and breakfast. It is one of the bigger towns in Iceland with about 13,000 people. We found a cute Bakari or bakery only a few minutes away. Ella and miles were a little skeptical at the options as they looked different than things back at home so they stuck to croissants. Sean and I tried a few of the local donuts, delicious! Fun Facts: We couldn't pronounce any town names in Iceland!

After breakfast we headed to our cottage. Only 40 minutes away in the town of Garðabær. It was right on the sea. It was perfect! Quaint, Quiet, not to close to the action but close enough to be there in just a few minutes. We were also told, it was near the Presidents House.

After checking out our new digs, we decide to check out Miles pick for Iceland, the Blue Lagoon. A pool sized hot tub heated with geo thermal heating. It was lots of fun!

After all that swimming everyone was a bit tired and hungry. 2 minutes into the ride the kids were out! We decided to check out some Icelandic hot dogs, which everyone had been talking about. Sean ran out to grab the takeaway(English for to go) I tried out the Icelandic mustard which was similar to a honey mustard. We ate in the parking lot just barely waking Miles up, but he still managed to devour half his dog.

Once we finally arrived back at our cottage Sean and Miles were out! The traveling and jet lag got to both of them. Ella and I checked out the beach at the end of the block. There were some great Icelandic horses there.  After a full day of traveling, sightseeing, it was time to hit the hay.. at 8pm local time the sun was still high in the sky, it eventually would set at 10pm just to rise again at.