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Iceland:Traveling to Snæfellsjökul (day 2)

IcelandAmy ObrienComment

Good Morning Iceland! Everyone is up and ready for a great day. We decide to take a drive up to Snæfellsjökul Glacier about 3 hours hours away from Reyjavik. Everything in Iceland is spread out. With a population of only 323,002 people for the whole island, so are the people.

Decided to start our day our with hot showers and hot coffee. Pee-eww! The water smells and tastes like rotten eggs due to the geothermal heating. Everything has a little bit of sulfur in it, worse when you are close to a major city. The locals assured us that it was safe but we just couldn't get over the taste so decided on bottle water for the rest of the trip. Showers were stinky but we weren’t.

Driving in Iceland is pretty easy. Everyone drives on the right side, the speed limit is mostly 90 k/h.m The scenery everywhere is gorgeous, the sky and water are so blue! You will want to stop off every second. There are plenty of spots to pull over to take pics, relax, or have a picnic. Only problem bathrooms and gas stations are hard to come by, so go when you see one use it. Bring plenty of snacks or lunch.

Once we made it to Snæfellsjökul Glacier, we found the road was impassable. But we got out and explored. We didn’t see the glacier (they suggest doing a tour since they can be unpredictable) But the views were way worth it!

We will definitely need to come to Iceland again for much much longer to check out all it has to offer! Sine everything is far apart you need a few days to just see it all.

Icelandic Air is offering amazing deals, you can stopover for no extra charge on a trip to Europe for up to 5 days. They were so kid friendly each leg of the flights they received complimentary care packages with activities or food. There were free movies for kids and adults, the seats were roomy and cushy! So if you are thinking of going to Europe take advantage of Icelandic Air!