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Digion to Chatillon en Bazois - Houseboat Part 2

FranceAmy ObrienComment

Of course, this week is the hottest on record for France. Average temps are hitting into the high 90s! What do the french do in this situation? Wear next to nothing. Check. Sit in the shade. Check. Go to the local pool. Check. Jump off a bridge. Check. Pour water over their heads? Well maybe not but it makes the kids happy.

As you cruise down the canal, you can see why so many great artist where inspired by this landscape. The golden light falling on the haystacks and trees. It is a truly magical place.

Our time on the boat was at times frustrating, beautiful, sweaty, relaxing, and an amazing experience. It was great to tune out, turn off, and just watch the world go by. I can't wait to come back and do it again!