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Da's Organic Farm Hut- Thai Cooking

ThailandAmy ObrienComment

One activity we knew we wanted to do in Thailand was a cooking class. We had been looking online and at the hotel for recommendations but weren't really impressed with any one place. While at Hug Elephant Sanctuary, one of the other guests suggested Da's Organic Farm. We checked it out online and new this was the place.

After being picked up, our first stop was Da's favorite local market to pick up a few ingredients for our dinner. Da showed us around, explaining all the different vegetables and letting us taste a few before buying what we needed.

Once we had the ingredients we needed, we hopped back into the truck and headed to Da's farm. The 45 minute drive outside the city was beautiful.

We arrived to a tour of his property, getting to taste and feel all the different herbs and plants growing. While we walked around Da's 2 year daughter played with the kids. Once we had seen it all, we headed to the kitchen. Da had everything laid out and ready to be cooked. He worked with everyone individually, even the kids got to cook all by themselves. After the last dish was made, we sat down to eat in at an open air kitchen table listening to the crickets.  It was truly a magical day. Ella can't wait to share her new favorite Thai dish, Chicken with Thai holy basil.