Obrien World Tour

Bounce Bounce Below!

WalesSean Comment

From babies to the elderly, everyone likes a bouncy house. I know as I’ve enjoyed them with people of all ages. What about the idea of bouncing on special woven rope nets in an old slate mine suspended over a hundred feet in the air? Bounce Below may not be for everyone but we were super excited to check out this one of kind attraction. Bounce Below was located just down the street from where we were staying and also offers an extreme zip line attraction and mine tours as well. We were here to jump though and jump we did. Ella and Miles couldn’t stop talking about the place days before we arrived. Once we got there we were prepped on safety, suited up in our red protective jump suits, given our helmets and led through the caverns up to the initial jump entrance and let go to roam, jump, and slide. This place is amazing. Three levels of jumping nets, multiple slides (made from the same material as the nets) that lead you to different levels, a new separate one net room, and it’s all bottom lit with a rainbow of colors so you can see the cavern floors. At first we thought an hour wouldn’t be long enough but we were exhausted and ready for a snack and drinks…and then more jumping if we could’ve.