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Comics, The Palace, and Mannekin Pis (day 46)

BelgiumAmy ObrienComment

Can I start by saying. I love Belgium! Sean had wanted to come for the beer but it  has so much more to offer. I loved that there is art everywhere; graffiti, art hidden in the metro, on the walls, on the streets.  I loved the small town feel of Brussels, even though it was a bigger city. I loved the comic book themed walls and stores. I loved that is had tons of record stores. I loved the beer of course and the frites, chocolates, and waffles. The people were great and always willing to help when we were lost. Ok, I will stop my gushing about Belgium but really it is great!

It didn't start off all rosy and perfect though. Our first night in Belgium, we arrived at 10pm, the customs officer gave us a hard time about not having a return ticket to the US and we couldn't get a hold of the person we rented the flat from. Luckily we met a nice guy who showed us the way to our place, Sean met a bunch of drunk guys in a bar who helped us call the owner of the flat but by this time it was midnight. Ella was tired and an alley cat became friend with Miles while we waited. The cat stayed outside the flat all night and his meow sounded like "miles miles miles"

After our rough start, Our first day in Belgium was great. We purchased a map from the tourism office for 1 euro to do the Comic book tour. The tour was like a scavenger hunt through all the major parts of the city , You looked for walls painted with comics. It was a great way to keep the kids engaged. They loved taking turns reading the map and finding the comics.

Along the route we made it to Mannekin Pis square. Yep it's a little peeing statue. It was a highlight of the trip. Here we sat had a beer, limon Fanta, and waffles. We also checked out some local chocolate shops. A great bonus is once you are in a shop, they keep feeding you free chocolates hoping you will buy something. We bought a few but I think we sampled more.

Next up the Royal Square. I could of sat here all day and people watched.

It was a long day but we had fun. Ella wanted to keep going to see all the comic walls but Miles feet were tired so we headed back to the flat for dinner.