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Moving Day :(

Amy ObrienComment

11 years ago, I was pregnant and moving into our first house. It was May 2004., Ella was to be born in August and we needed some place to raise this little person.  This house  we picked was close to family, close to the train, and practically brand new what more could 2 city kids ask for. Today after 11 years and 2 kids, we packed up.. We packed all the remaining items we owned and cleaned everything.. but the memories will always be here. Ella scooting on her head instead of crawling, miles learning to ride a bike, the doorway that was their growth chart, all the great neighbors and friends we made.
 Today everything hit me that we are going away. Never thought it would be this hard to see the house empty.  Tomorrow we say goodbye to our families, which I think will be harder than all the moving today.

Come Monday, today will seem like a lifetime ago.