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Stone Circle

IrelandAmy ObrienComment

Today we are going to see the mystical stone circles on the ring of Beara and maybe bring a little magic into our lives. Once we got to the parking lot, we had knew we were in for a great day. As you walked into the woods, you immediately feel like you are walking into prehistoric times. The trees are covered in moss and the stillness is incredible. Once you make it through the forest you come into a clearing of farm land in the mountains. The stone circles where just a short walk up. The circles were amazing at the center was a stone with offering made by others that had made the trek. The kids and I decided to see if we had the magic touch and hoped the circles would transport us to warmer weather. We must not have the magic touch since we remained in Ireland. After making our wishes, we headed over to to climb up a near by ridge. We could see the ring of Kerry on the other side of the bay.