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WalesSean Comment

We all woke up psyched to take on the mountain today. We’d seen enough hikers around town to know that based on all their gear the mountain was going to be a challenging adventure for us. We packed out lunch and enough water for the day and set out to take on the mountain. The weather forecast for the day was overcast, chilly, and rainy. Not optimum conditions but this was Wales and everyone told us prepared to get wet so we did. Once at the base of the mountain we decided to take the more traveled trail that wound around the mountain and three lakes which was the easier and more scenic option for the kids. The first few miles were cake. The paths were well maintained crushed limestone or slate and the increases in elevation were minimal. This was our kind of mountain climbing. About an hour and half later the wind and rain picked up, the elevation increased and the trail was now made up of large stones. It was rough on the feet but manageable. At about 600+m above see level we realized that we would not be making it to the summit today. The weather was getting increasingly worse as the drizzle turned to rain and the terrain was getting more and more challenging. We had made it over half way to the top in two and a half hours and had seen scenery that will make for unforgettable memories. We made our way back down amazed to see people just starting their journeys in this weather as we enjoyed some warm drinks and snacks in the local cafe and waiting for the bus back to our car.