Obrien World Tour

Trevi Fountain and Basilica of San Nicola

ItalyAmy ObrienComment

Our Scavenger hunt continues! There are a few things we are always on the look out for Obelisks and SPQR. These are everywhere, we had fun searching for them all over the city. We find about 50 SPQRs and a 10 of the 13 Obelisks.

Made it to the underground temples today. Really cool for just a few euro you can go under the church and roam around. The kids really love finding these hidden cities.

Up next a Roman tradition, throwing a coin in Trevi fountain. Unfortunately it was under construction.  So we had to throw the coins over a plastic wall, not the same. Ella of course missed on her first try and it ricocheted off the wall. Miles made it the first time but wanted to through all our money in!