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Rome Scavenger hunt begins!

ItalyAmy ObrienComment

Italy is quickly becoming my favorite country! Rome didn't disappoint. I found a scavenger hunt online for the kids to do while we are here. So everyday we try to find a few things on the list.
 You can play along to! Here's a link the hunt.

Our first day was a whirlwind! First stop a classic Roman Holiday adventure. Bocca della verita! Miles was a little afraid but Ella fearless as she is shoved her hand right in. After testing our fates, we visited the church where the Bocca is held. Really beautiful.

Next up we tried to go to an underground temple but it was closed. It will have to wait another day. But while walking around we ran intothe Theatre of Marcellus, an open aired theatre dating back to Juilus Ceaser

Next up on the scavenger hunt list. Find the building known as the wedding cake? Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II  a monument to lost soldiers. Ella loved all the Roman and Greek statues. We also got to see the changing of the guard.

After all the walking, it is GELATO time! the kids favorite time. We found a great little shop off the main drag.

After our break it was time to find the Cat Sanctuary?? Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is a ruin in the center of the city that is being used as safe haven for strays. Our job was to count how many cats we could find. 26 cats! I bet there were more. We went around twice just to make sure we didn't miss any.

That is a lot for one day! but i made everyone go to one final place since we were so close. The Pantheon. We used Rick Steeves again for this one. He did a great job explaining this amazing building. The best part of our visit was that it was raining! If you don't know there is a giant hole in the roof and the rain came tricking in.