Obrien World Tour

Sneem, Ireland on the ring of Kerry

IrelandAmy ObrienComment

After driving for 2 hours from Cork to Sneem. We finally arrived at the street of our cottage, a winding road through breathtaking views of bogs and mountains. And yes another cow stand-off., this time in the car. We later learned the land we passed through was owned by OBriens!

After driving down this winding road for 10 minutes, we came to a fork. We stared, double checked the directions and still at  loss.  Luckily the owner was coming home and lead us to the cottage with the blue door! What a beautiful property.  We all instantly fell in love. As we unpacked the car, the owner's wife put the kids to work feeding the animals. They both had a blast and went back everyday to help. The farm had 3 turkeys(Colin and his ladies), 2 goats(Bernard and Bessy), 2 geese, and a bunch of chickens and ducks.

Here is a snippet of our drive into the cottage. Miles favorite part of arriving everyday was opening the gate.