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Roadtrip - San Fran to Yosemite to Los Angeles - Can we live out of a carry-on? Part 3: Yosemite to Los Angles

Amy ObrienComment

We turned up the tunes headed west and said goodbye to Yosemite.

We drove all night and ended up in San Louis Obispo. We dragged 2 sleeping kids into the last hotel in town that wasn't booked up. After getting a full 8 hrs, We went downtown for some Breakfast. On the way back to the car we spotted a vintage candy store. We wandered around checking out all crazy sodas, video games, and bacon flavored everythings. After buying way to much sugar, the kids were ready to hit the pool. While they were swimming, I packed up the bags and took a quick nap. The kids wanted to stay another day but we were off to visit friends in LA. (they are starting to get weary of moving once again. I think slower travel is in our future)

After driving down the coast for a few hours, we decided to stop at Pismo Beach. It was a beautiful day. We sat on the beach, walked around the surf shops, ate bugs? (yep, Ella and Sean did), and had BBQ at Mo's (Yum)

After a full day of Pismo, we headed to see my high school friend/sister and her family. Finally got to meet her cutie son!(unfortunately Ella accidentally erased all photos from here).
They made us dinner, we chatted for a bit and hit the hay.
 The next morning we decided to hit up another beach. What else is there to do in California.? We settled on Leo Carrillo State Park, just a 30 minute drive from her place. It was just what we were looking for tidal pools, rocks to climb (miles was in heaven), waves to jump,  and holes to dig (miles's second favorite pastime).

After a long day at the beach, My friends husband, made us a bbq feast. We lounged outside admiring the mountains and just enjoying being there. That night we said goodnight and goodbye. We left early the next day for DISNEYLAND! The kids had decided that it was a must if we were going to be so close.

After a long day Disney, we headed to our last stop, Sean's friend who lived near the park. We got there very late and just crawled right into bed. The next morning, they surprised us with breakfast. So what do we do on our last day in California? Go to the beach, what else? We headed to Corona Del Mar for a beach bonfire. We watched the sunset from our bonfire pit. What a great way to end the trip!

The kids did great! Living out of one bag each was fine. We did laundry once. The few days at Yosemite living in a tent, really did a number on our clothes. 

Key takeaways: The kids prefer to travel a little slower and stay in one place for a least 3 days.  Pack towels, a reusable water bottle, and a reusable bag.