Obrien World Tour


IrelandAmy ObrienComment

Clifden is the closet town to where we are staying that has any thing to check out. We went there in search of a library so we could print out our boarding passes for our next flight. The library didn't have wifi but we found a business center that you could pay to use the printer.  We walked around checking out the town for a bit. It consists of 2 streets of shops and restaurants.  We have been sending ourselves postcards as keepsakes from all the places we have been. So we stopped at the post office and mailed a few things.

Another thing Clifden has is a castle! I think it is the coolest looking castle we have scene so far. The front is almost all in one piece but the back is in ruins. It also has a medieval feel that I loved too. The kids loved running around and around and around.

On our way home, I spotted this amazing little lake. The colors were so vibrant! so we stopped the kids jumped from rock to rock and everyone was happy!