Obrien World Tour

Let the adventure begin!

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We have been planning a trip to Greece for the last 3 years.  Ella has been reading every Percy Jackson book she could get her hands on. Which then moved to Greek Mythology. She even wants to name her son Percy one day. So we started to plan. The more I planned the more I tried to squeeze in. How we could see all of Greece and Italy on our 3 week vacation from work ? Then I stumbled across the Family Adventure podcast. This one podcast opened my eyes to a whole new world, actually the WHOLE world! The world of RTW travel.

I never would of thought that we could anything this crazy. The more I listened, the more I knew we could.
The next step was to get Sean and the kids on board. The kids were a little skeptical at first. Wait?? We have to sell all of our stuff? Sean was an absolute NO. No way! No how! Things are good.
I said just listen ...and his wheels started to turn too.

We bought a huge map and circled all the places we longed to see.. Wow!! almost the whole map was circled. Miles and Ella wanted to see as many things as Sean and I did and more.

Still Sean was not quite sure. He had been at his job for 12 years and had just gotten a promotion to Regional Procurement Manager. How could he walk away from all of it.  One day he came home, said why not! We have been dreaming of doing something crazy. Let's go

We decide that if we were going to go we needed to go soon or we wouldn't ever do it. The plan was sent into motion. We decided that we would leave spring 2015, in time for Sean's 40th birthday.